Quality Long Day Care, Preschool, Occasional
Care and After School Care in Frenchs Forest.

Quality Long Day Care, Preschool, Occasional Care and After School Care in Frenchs Forest.

Learn and play. Grow each day

Forest Childcare is a certified, private all-day daycare and early learning childcare centre in Frenchs Forest catering for children from birth to 6 years – with a preschool programme designed to prepare your children for school. We offer before and after school daycare to local schools for children aged 5 years to 12 years. We also provide vacation childcare through our holiday programme with daily excursions during school holidays for school-aged children.

This site has been designed to give you information about the centre and our programmes, plus share news and events with our current parents, carers, and childcare and development assistants.

Enjoy your stay, and request a tour of our daycare and education facilities if you haven’t visited us before!

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Our mission is to give your little ones the best start in life, helping them to internalise moral values, develop social and cognitive skills, and explore their interests within the safety of our centre. And it all begins with our unique long daycare, early childhood learning, and preschool services, which include:

What Makes Us So Special

At the Forest Childcare centre, we endeavour to provide the best possible childcare, daycare, and education services at affordable fees. While you’re working hard to give your children the life they deserve, we work hard to cultivate valuable and enriching experiences that set your children up for success in later life.

Our qualified educators and child development assistants are dedicated to helping your children play, learn, explore, and grow. And they’re excellent at it. By cleverly disguising learning experiences as ‘play,’ your children will joyfully immerse themselves in our wide variety of activities that teach problem-solving and independence. These activities are also designed to teach your children how to work with others as a team and interact with adults other than their parents. This is particularly beneficial for soothing separation anxiety.

We understand that the nurturing, guidance, and care your children receive in their earliest years are essential – and vying for our attention amongst a sea of struggling students robs them of these invaluable experiences. As we are a private childcare and early learning centre, our classes and child-to-carer ratios are very small to ensure your children get individualised, one-on-one attention as often as possible.

Our programmes, activities, excursions, and nap and feeding times are scheduled to instil a sense of discipline within your children. This gives them stability and helps them to develop useful time management skills.

We also offer a plethora of special programmes that are designed to help your children discover new interests and skills. These unique learning experiences provide additional enrichment and development above and beyond the expected!

Why Choose Us

Full Day

Last Minute

Full Day
Last Minute

“all children experience learning that is engaging and builds success for life”.

As certified childcare providers, We understand that a child’s development is influenced by their surroundings, at this early stage in life. Forest Childcare builds and maintains a creative, safe and fun environment, where your children can learn the skills to set them up for school and life.

Come and take a tour of our facilities and meet some of the teachers.
We look forward to welcoming you, and your children, to Forest Childcare.

Why Choose Us

Tadpoles Room

Under ones and toddlers operate as individuals and need to feel loved and nurtured. Babies and young toddlers experience strong emotions but they express themselves through their actions and body language. They are, as yet, unable to put those feelings into words. Our educators help them on this particular journey by offering them empathy.

Kookaburras Room

We encourage children to have conversations and ask questions and support children’s emotional development by actively listening to build on their social skills. This age group loves hands on play materials and experiences, and we encourage them to take increasing initiative in choosing or creating play opportunities. It is important to encourage play, as that is how children learn, and for the educators to join in the play.

Platypus Room

In the Platypus preschool room, we believe every child is entitled to a good education and this is fundamental to the success in laying the foundations to future learning. We endeavour to foster a “love and desire” for learning through hands-on meaningful play-based activities. The classroom and outdoor environment includes specific learning areas to promote imagination, creativity, language and literacy, cognitive and physical skills.

Before & After school Care

We provide a delivery and pick up service to local schools during school terms and a holiday programme during the school holidays. The children who attend Before & After school care have a programme based on the children’s voices and interests. They develop the programme in collaboration with their main Educator. The children have their own classroom and also have access to the outdoor playground.

Vacation care

We provide a holiday programme during the school holidays where children get to enjoy lots of activities such as; regular excursions, arts and crafts, cooking and more. Vacation care is an opportunity for your child to meet new friends, enjoy fun activities and socialise with other children. Meals are provided for the children who attend our vacation care programme.

Preschool Programme

Our Preschool Programme is designed to prepare your child for the transition to school. Our Preschool Programme focuses on a mixture of children learning through open ended play and structural learning. We have a qualified Early Childhood Teacher who will run the Programme, it will consist of Gross/fine motor skills, literacy, numeracy, science, dance, mandarin, excursions and violin.

Our Fees


$ 136 per day


$ 126 per day


$ 116 per day

Before School Care

$ 15 per session

After School Care

$ 25 per session


$ 65 per day

Meet the Staff


Bonkers beat

Bonkers beat is a unique and exciting music program based on Kodaly and Orff methods to stimulate your child's social, intellectual and emotional growth.


Children who have access to all forms of music at an early age perform better academically. Violin playing encourages children to be better at languages, oral skills and even social interaction.


There are many benefits to children learning a new language such as: strengthened cultural identity /diversity, increased literacy, cognitive flexibility and a strong self esteem and wellbeing.


Science allows children to develop the ability, to ask questions, collect information, organise and test their ideas. Science gives children key life skills including an ability to communicate, collaborative skills, team working, perseverance and develop their senses and overall awareness

Dance with Cheryl

Our dance programme is a powerful learning tool and encourages the children innate sense of rhythm and natural love of movement.

Vacation, Before & After School Care

We provide a delivery and pick up service to local schools during school terms and a holiday programme during the school holidays.


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