Entries by Jonathan

Platypus 21.07.2020

Happy Tuesday! Today the children were playing nicely within their small group. We set up a soccer game with two groups, they were cheering with the group and showed their great kicking skills with the ball. It was good to see the children played nicely and communicated well together in the team, sharing their skills […]

Blue Kookaburras 21/7/20

Tuesday the 21st of July Good Morning families! This week is all about colours and shapes in the Blue Kookaburra’s room and in the Green Kookaburra’s room they will be focusing on Numbers and Letters. This week the children will also be working on their sitting and listening skills. To start the day the children […]

Tadpoles – Monday 20.07.2020

Welcome back everybody, we hope you had a wonderful weekend and enjoyed the gorgeous weather! We began our day in the home corner, where the children enjoyed looking after the baby dolls and cooking their educator breakfast. The children said they were making “broccoli cupcakes”. As part of our fine motor and cognitive activity, the […]