July 21, 2020

Tuesday the 21st of July
Good Morning families! This week is all about colours and shapes in the Blue Kookaburra’s room and in the Green Kookaburra’s room they will be focusing on Numbers and Letters. This week the children will also be working on their sitting and listening skills. To start the day the children enjoyed some free play. The girls loved dressing up and dancing to Elsa. The children were also drawn to the table with coloured teddy bears. During this table experience they used their coloured recognition skills to place the correct colour teddy bear in the same coloured bowl. Some of the older children were able to help the younger ones. After indoor play the children grouped together on the group matt to mark the role. The children have gotten really good at listening for their names and saying “Here I am”. We like to encourage the children to go and collect their own hats and jumpers to prompt their self-help skills. Once the children were ready, we sung out good morning song followed by a Bonkers beat song. The children then went outdoors for some yummy morning tea, which was banana bread and fruit ? After morning tea the children had some time outdoors. As the children have been interested in the dress ups and babies lately, we have extended on their interest and brought them outdoors. To introduce them to this week’s topic we played a game. Millie asked the children “Who can find the pink circle” and the children had to run around the playground and fine the pink circle drawn on with chalk. There was lots of shapes and colours to find. Before Lunch time the children grouped together with Mrs Jasmine for Mandarin. Today they learnt about body parts and feelings. After Mandarin we read a story followed by some songs.
Blue Kookaburra’s
Today in the blue Kookaburras room we discussed what colours we were wearing! Most of the children were wearing PINK! After the discussion we listened to the rainbow song. For craft today the children created colourful butterflies. We used the colours red, blue and yellow and watched the mix to create new colours.
We hope everyone is having a lovely start to the week!
Millie, Nita, Katrina

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