June 30, 2021

In an ideal world, you’d be spending your time at home with your kids, helping them learn, explore, and develop skills for later life. The problem is, rising inflation rates, flat income trends, and now the COVID-crisis has forced both moms and dads to bring home dual incomes to make a decent living.

Luckily, child care programmes are explicitly designed to take over early childhood education, development, and care to take the pressure off of working parents like you.

Now you’re faced with the choice of public or private child care centres. Although the cheap fees of public child care are pretty alluring, these centres lack the resources, qualified educators, and perks that private centres boast.

To put this into perspective, here are some notable benefits of entrusting private child care centres with your children.

Educational Environment

Private child care centres are designed around educational enrichment to put the time your children spend there to good use, developing their skills for school and later life.

Exciting, stimulating educational activities are cleverly disguised as ‘play,’ encouraging your children to immerse themselves in a wide variety of activities that develop essential life skills. They will be guided and nurtured by qualified, passionate teachers that are trained in early learning centre, rather than volunteers who are good with children.

Whilst public centres lack the necessary resources to stimulate your childrens’ problem solving, critical thinking, and learning, private centres are bursting with them. From natural outdoor playing areas to scheduled lessons, cultural excursions, and beyond!

Smaller Classes

Your children will benefit from special attention from educators and caretakers attending to their individual needs as the class sizes are much smaller.

This one-on-one education is essential to make them feel seen and heard while ensuring the areas they struggle with are honed in on. This helps to soothe their stress and separation anxiety, as well as helping them adapt to schooling environments.

Specialised Programmes

Some private child care centres, like Forest Childcare, offer special programmes at no additional costs. These programmes enrich your children with unique learning experiences and help them grow into well-rounded, intelligent adolescents with bright futures.

At Forest Childcare, these programmes range from violin to science lessons, mandarin classes, motor skills activities, dance lessons, and even yoga!

Public centres don’t have access to the same funds and resources, meaning your children won’t be exposed to the same variety of skills, experiences, and education.

Peace Of Mind

Possibly the most valuable perk of private child care centres for you is peace of mind. You know for a fact that they are well-funded and maintained, safe, and run by educators and caretakers who have been screened and thoroughly trained.

Enrolling your children at daycare is daunting, particularly for new parents. Being able to expose your children to the real world, without your help, is much easier when you know they’re in the hands of qualified, experienced, safe professionals.

Although public centres have their place, private child care is undoubtedly the best possible choice for your children. Forest Childcare exemplifies these incredible benefits, offering all of the above and much more.

From daycare to preschool, occasional care, after school care, and beyond, your children will be educated by leading teachers through scheduled routines of fun learning activities.

If you’d like to know more, download our 2020 parent info booklet or contact us for any questions, advice or worries!

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