TADPOLES – MONDAY 20.07.2020

July 20, 2020

Welcome back everybody, we hope you had a wonderful weekend and enjoyed the gorgeous weather!

We began our day in the home corner, where the children enjoyed looking after the baby dolls and cooking their educator breakfast. The children said they were making “broccoli cupcakes”.

As part of our fine motor and cognitive activity, the children sat down and used the construction blocks to build a group of cogs and wheels. It turned into a race to see who could spin their wheel the fastest!

The children then went to visit their friends in the kookaburra room, and help feed the chickens.
The children love the big yard and its great for them to get used to the area for when they eventually move up to the next room.

In the afternoon we sat down for some more fine motor and cognitive activities. These activities included putting pompoms of varying sizes into jars, using a spoon to transfer plastic balls to a muffin tray, and putting pegs onto the edge of a paper plate.

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