Tadpoles Room


Under ones and toddlers operate as individuals and need to feel loved and nurtured. Babies and young toddlers experience strong emotions but they express themselves through their actions and body language. They are, as yet, unable to put those feelings into words. Our educators help them on this particular journey by offering them empathy.

They get to know them as individuals so that they are more able to guess how the children are feeling. The educators set the scene for learning by using their words to back up their body language.

At Forest Childcare, we build firm foundations for literacy by providing skills and experiences in the following areas:
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  • Spoken, personal communications
  • Familiarity with singing and rhymes
  • Comfort in their own bodies and confidence to use physical skills in a deliberate way
  • Time and playful support for imaginative play and story telling
  • A love of books and stories supported by many personal times
  • Music and movement
  • Sensory play
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