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What people say?

“This is a lovely childcare centre. The facilities are extensive and very child centred and the staff are wonderful.”


“I love The Forest, my two kids have been going since they were each 9months old, and the staff, grounds, everything's just wonderful.”


“Excellent DayCare Centre, warm environment, highly recommended. They do activities outside of the childcare facility, convenient work hours.”


“Lovely educators who offer a lot of flexibility . Every time I ask my child if she wants to attend daycare she says yes ! That’s a good sign to me ! I can’t recommend this long daycare enough!”


“I’ve been sending my son to Forest Daycare for 1.5 years now and he loves it. The teachers are very enthusiastic about his development - they’re always trying new activities, cooking nutritious meals and keeping parents updated. Would definitely recommend”.


“Love the spirit of Forest Childcare. Kids have a structured program but are allowed to get dirty, have free play and most importantly are happy! The educators love their jobs and are amazing with the kids. My 2 year old was unhappy with her previous Childcare but was instantly happy at Forest.”


“We chose the Forest as it just felt right as soon as we stepped through the door! The teachers genuinely care about the kids and make lots of efforts to cater to the needs of your individual child. They are passionate about child care and make you feel confident that your child is being well looked after. My son comes home happy at the end of each day and speaks fondly of the kids and teachers in his class!”


“As first-time parents putting our child into day-care is always an anxious time. Our anxieties soon disappeared; Sophie absolutely loves going to 'school'. We have seen her grow more confident and outgoing due to the wonderful staff and programs in place. Forest Childcare feels like part of your extended family; the educators are warm and welcoming, and genuinely care about the children they look after. I would highly recommend Forest Childcare to any parent.”


“My three children have attended Forest Childcare since they were 2 years old until starting school. The staff are consistent, nurturing and simply delightful. The facilities are continually updated, clean and provide a safe and engaging environment and yet the fees have always remained stable. My children always come home happy and they go to kindy excited for a great day. I would recommend Forest Childcare without hesitation.”


‘We love Forest Childcare. The staff are amazing and keep you fully up to date with your child’s progress. The programmes are well structured and you are really encouraged to get involved and build on the interests of your child. We especially love all the ‘extra’ activities such as bonkers beat, Dance with Miss Cheryl, excursions, science incursions and even Mandarin lessons! The outdoor space is wonderful with chickens and a veggie garden. Both my children have attended and continue to be very happy here’


“I can’t speak highly enough of Forest Childcare and all of the wonderful staff who work here. We first picked the centre because of the friendly staff, warm atmosphere and amazing outdoor space with real grass, plants and dirt (something that was really hard to find in our area). We’ve been blown away by how fantastic the teachers and carers are, they show such genuine affection for the kids and truly nurture their individual strengths and personalities. The kids love all of the extra activities that the centre regularly plan, bike week in particular was a hit!”


“My son, now at school attended from 2 years Of age and my daughter, still attending, has been there since she was 10 months. The educators are professional, caring and passionate about the children and their education. The service offers everything you would expect and more. We absolutely love that the children visit the local nursing home regularly (pre-Covid) and learn Italian words and cooking as well as just connect with the residents, so extremely valuable for young and old. We love Nui’s cooking, Jasmine teaching Mandarin, and all of the inside and outside environments. The centre is inclusive for everyone and welcomes parent feedback, responding thoughtfully to ideas and concerns. I recommend this centre for everyone who wants to know their children are in a safe, stimulating and loving service.”


“I had heard some great things about Forest childcare, so when my daughter’s old daycare suddenly closed down FCC was one of three that we looked at. We finally chose to go with FCC as it had an amazing outdoor learning and play area with real plants and trees, as well as animals. Since choosing FCC I have not looked back. Kay (the director) is very hands on and is often seen in each room. Nui the chef makes the most beautiful food and I know if my daughter is fussy at home it’s ok because she has gotten her daily requirements from what she has eaten at the daycare. The teachers are very involved and are often popping in to my daughter’s physio and speech sessions that she attends, helping to give input and use feedback from the therapists to help my daughter during her time at daycare. I love how they link their playtime with the curriculum so that the children not only have fun but are doing things that will help them do well at big school. Manisha often approaches me to chat about what they have done for the day and how we can follow up at home. I love how they have made us feel so welcome and would not hesitate to recommend them to other parents.”


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